832.796/767: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery)

275. Your 333, February 3, 7 p.m. The Department is of course extremely anxious to cooperate with the Brazilian Government in every way possible to ensure the successful reorganization and operation of Condor as a Brazilian company. A definitive proposal is currently being worked out and will be shortly submitted to you for your comment.

[Page 769]

Meanwhile, having in mind the assurances of Brazilian officials such as that reported in your despatch 6167 of December 3184 that they “will eliminate any and everyone you point out as pro-German”, are you and Harding85 in a position to point out specific individuals whose removal would make the present organization of Condor reasonably satisfactory to you? If so it would be helpful to know their names or number and what American or Brazilian personnel might be necessary or advisable to replace them.

The Department feels sure that you will agree that a resumption of flights by Condor prior to the elimination of dangerous German influence might have seriously unfavorable results from a military and naval point of view, to say nothing of the possible use of these planes and personnel in local subversive activities. Consequently the Department believes that the question of licensing gasoline for the use of Condor, which is now on the Proclaimed List,86 should not, if possible, be brought up until you are satisfied that the Brazilians have taken adequate steps to eliminate the dangerous elements such as pilots. It is, therefore, suggested that, on the basis of information available to you, immediate conversations be initiated with the Brazilians for the purpose particularly of seeing that suspect pilots and airfield operators are immediately eliminated. The Department trusts that these conversations can be carried on in a cooperative manner since it obviously does not desire to make the furnishing of gasoline a quid pro quo for this type of action by the Brazilian Government.

Your question regarding purchase of Condor plane by Panair was referred to Army Air Corps today. They have asked us to obtain name and type of plane.

  1. Not printed.
  2. William B. Harding, Vice President of the Defense Supplies Corporation, a buying agency of the Federal Loan Agency until February 24, 1942, and thereafter of the Department of Commerce.
  3. For correspondence regarding the application of the Proclaimed List, see pp. 757 ff.