710.Consultation (3)A/71: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

532. Sanders to Carl Spaeth care of Chapin. No. 14. Resolution on propaganda transmitted in Department’s 383 will be submitted to Full Committee this afternoon as a project of Subcommittee for [Page 86]Registration and Internal Control of Persons. I fully expect Committee to approve without reservations as it has already approved recommendation that that Committee undertake this type of work formulated in my note on organization included with my letter to you June 18.16 I shall urge upon Chouhy Terra17 the immediate communication of the recommendation to the Governments after its approval by Committee. At the meeting of Tuesday, Committee approved all recommendations formulated in my note above mentioned, with an addition proposed by Mexican Ambassador that Subcommittee on Organization also be authorized to reexamine his original proposal relative to establishment of National Committee of Political Defense.

With reference to recommendations approved by Committee before Buenos Aires Conference,18 Subcommittee on Registration and Extend [Internal] Control of Persons is re-examining recommendation on registration of aliens in light of suggestions of Department. Pimentel considers original draft is preferable in many respects but I do not believe he will oppose its revision. The recommendation on protection of shipping will be resubmitted to Committee this afternoon by special Subcommittee on Protection of Shipping mentioned in my memorandum on organization and it will probably go to Governments next week. The recommendation on the Inter-American office is now discarded in view of Resolution XIII19 of Buenos Aires Conference. Most members feel that draft uniform penal law is now one of major assignments of Committee for next period. It is important that we be prepared to deal with this problem on your return.

Pimentel, Arroyo and other members of the Committee are determined to put full pressure behind the work of the Committee, particularly in connection with the assignments of the Conference of Buenos Aires. The subcommittees are meeting every day and the full Committee will continue to meet twice a week. Pimentel is talking of holding a public session of the Committee to awaken interest in the right of the Committee. He and Bouza19a also are convinced that the Committee should have a special intelligence service at its disposal. I am arguing against both of these suggestions and do not believe anything will come of them. I believe Pimentel’s attitude arises in part out of an increasing concern over developments in Africa and about implications for Brazil of complete Axis control in that region.

[Page 87]

In view of your indication that we may expect personnel in Montevideo to deal with propaganda analysis, I assume you want us to make definite arrangements for securing the apartment next door. Please advise. Guani, Chouhy Terra and I will have a meeting next week to discuss the budget of the Committee. [Sanders.]

  1. Not found in Department files.
  2. José L. Chouhy Terra, Secretary General of the Committee.
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  5. Luis A. Bouza, delegate from Uruguay.