710. Consultation (3)A/70a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson)

382. For Sanders from Spaeth. In another cable15 we are transmitting the text of a resolution which we hope will be introduced either by you or if he is agreeable by the Mexican member of the Committee, substantially in its present form.

The resolution is intended to open the way for propaganda analysis and regular reports thereon by the Committee to the various governments. A preliminary agreement has been reached with the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs for the assignment of personnel for this work both in Montevideo and in Washington. We are therefore anxious to secure material from the other American republics as rapidly as possible so that the program may get under way.

It is also requested that you advise by cable of the work undertaken by the Committee since the police conference as well as its projected program for the next few weeks. [Spaeth.]

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