710. Consultation (3)A/2: Telegram

The Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs (Guani) to the Secretary of State


In accordance resolution approved Board Directors Pan American Union 25 February last1 I have honor to invite through you the Government of United States of America to participate inaugural session to be held Montevideo 15 April next Emergency Consultative Committee for Defense Policy created by Resolution XVII of the Third Consultative Meeting Ministers Foreign Affairs American Republics.2 Should appreciate knowing as soon as possible name and rank of person who will represent your Government on said committee.

I salute the Secretary of State [etc.]

Alberto Guani
  1. For text, see Pan American Union, Strengthening of Internal Security (Washington, 1953), p. 113.
  2. For correspondence on this meeting, see pp. 6 ff.; for text of Resolution XVII, see Department of State Bulletin, February 7, 1942, p. 128.