811.20 Defense (M) Bolivia/197: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Bolivia (Boal)

367. Your 415 of June 11.13 It is urged that every effort be made to sign agreement prior to departure of Ministers of Finance and Economy.14

You are authorized to offer the following prices: Crude Beni Fine, cut and classified, 36¾ cents, which is believed to be at the proper differential from the 45 cent price you refer to; Castilloa Scrap, or Bolivian Caucho, 27½ cents; Smoked Sheet, 48¼ cents.

Question of handling Brazil nuts is being considered further here, but it is suggested you continue to try to keep it out of negotiations. In general it may be said that problem appears primarily to relate to present stocks on hand which are tying up capital and it is expected that necessary relief in this situation could be afforded.

  1. Not printed; this telegram indicated delays in concluding a rubber agreement.
  2. Joaquín Espada and Alberto Crespo Gutiérrez, respectively. They were coming to the United States to discuss plans for financial and economic cooperation; see pp. 592 ff.