836.34/607: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Armour) to the Secretary of State

978. Department’s strictly confidential air mail instruction 2353, May 13, enclosing draft of note for delivery to Minister of Foreign Affairs in reply to latter’s note of April 24 regarding protection of shipping between Argentina and the United States. In my recent conversation with the Acting President I discussed question of their undertaking to protect ships from southern point of Brazil to Argentine ports along the lines of my conversation with Minister for Foreign Affairs (Embassy’s despatch No. 5068, May 13,35 pages 3 and 4). Acting President appeared interested in proposal and promised to study the matter further with the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

I have since learned from the Minister of the Interior that Castillo mentioned the matter to him, from which I judge that he is giving serious consideration to it.

In view of this I think it would be wise to postpone addressing note to Foreign Office along the lines suggested until we have had time to see whether Government intends to do something.

  1. Not printed.