The Acting Secretary of State to the Argentine Ambassador (Espil)

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Your Excellency’s note of March 24, 1942 enclosing a memorandum recapitulating the antecedents and the progress of the conversations that have recently taken place in Washington between the Naval and Military authorities of Argentina and the United States.

With respect to the proposed agreement under discussion between the military and naval authorities of our two Governments, it will be recalled that the Argentine Delegation informed the United States Delegation that it was not authorized to consider a proposal advanced by the United States Delegation with respect to the control and protection of shipping by Argentina within certain stipulated areas off the coast of Argentina for the reason that the Argentine Delegation considered this proposal of a political character and consequently of a character appropriate for discussion by the proper political authorities of the two Governments. Although I subsequently discussed this proposal with you orally, and you later expressed to me under instructions certain views of your Government, I believe it desirable [Page 392] to send you formally the exact text of the proposal with the request that you ask that it be given the further consideration of your Government.

May I reiterate that if your Government finds acceptable this proposal regarding the control and protection of shipping and is ready to put into effect immediately the provisions of Annex IV of the proposed agreement this Government will immediately enter into negotiations with the Argentine Government for the purpose of signing a Lend-Lease agreement. Under this agreement, procurement would be effected of the materials and facilities listed in Annex V—Section 3 of the proposed agreement relating to 1942 in accordance with the recommendation of the United States Delegation.

Accept [etc.]

Sumner Welles