811.20 Defense (M) Argentina/321: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina ( Armour )

1483. From Metals Reserve. Your 1860 [1840] of September 22. You are hereby authorized to inform the Argentine government that the Metals Reserve Company considers the contract of March 3 [4], with the Sociedad Anónima Berilo Argentina for 200 metric tons of beryllium oxide to be in effect and that clause 4 under “Special Conditions” on the third page of the contract has been stricken out. This is the clause that refers to the agreement between the United States and Argentine Governments.

This action has been taken with the understanding that the Argentine government will issue export licenses immediately for the export of 500 metric tons of beryl ore now available in Argentina and that it will make additional export licenses available at a rate of 100 metric tons of beryl ore monthly hereafter, if available. Metals Reserve Company further agrees that the prices paid for Argentine beryl ore will conform to those paid for ores imported by it in similar transactions with other countries.

The attention of the Embassy is called to the fact that it would be extremely undesirable to have the entire 500 tons for which export license is to be issued shipped to this country on a single steamer. It is desired that the material be shipped in several lots with, preferably, not more than 200 tons in any single shipment. This fact has been communicated to Watson Geach & Co., agents for South American Mining Co., which has sold beryllium ore to Metals Reserve Company, but is being repeated to the Embassy to insure that the policy is carried out. Please advise Williams. [Metals Reserve.]