811.20 Defense (M) Argentina/190: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Armour) to the Secretary of State

781. Your 552, April 20. Williams advises:

“Consulted Torriani of Foreign Office on April 23 relative to lifting embargo on exports of beryl ore. Torriani informed me that Ministry of War considered it important and desirable to conserve beryl ore supplies which indeed probable Argentine needs. Torriani agreed to consult colleagues but expressed opinion that present attitude would be maintained. Since that date have received no communication from Torriani. Also on April 23 discussed matter with Susini16 of Saba who agreed in order to make beryllium oxide contract effective to include in said contract 100 tons beryl ore monthly less any quantity sold by others. Susini also agrees obtain export license for accumulated beryl ore stock up to 500 tons. All licenses to be made available when equipment which Saba has purchased in United States and urgently requires is made available for export. Susini advises that Argentine Government willing to agree to his proposal. Accordingly, please advise price and terms covering purchase of beryl ore.”

  1. Enrique Telemaco Pedro Susini, President of Sociedad Anónima Berilo Argentina.