839.154/132: Telegram

The Minister in the Dominican Republic (Warren) to the Secretary of State

480. Department’s 346, November 2, 6 p.m., and A–109 and my A–136. Immediately after receipt of Department’s 346 this morning I had an entirely informal conversation with the Secretary of State for the Presidency. He agreed that the Dominican Government will supply all procurable raw materials from the public domain and will make available any public roads or Department of Agriculture equipment possible. He told me that two purchases were made against the credit of $200,000 drawn by the Dominican Government in June and July 1942 comprising two Loraine excavators. They have not arrived and there is no indication when they may arrive. No other purchases of equipment for Public Works or the Department of Agriculture have been completed under the two credits noted in the Department’s A–109.

Following this conversation I called this morning also on the Foreign Minister about the same matter. He told me his Government will sign the draft subject to the following change of language in B–4a “all needed raw materials locally procurable from the public domain such as clay, sand, gravel, stone and timber.”

If the Department will authorize this change in language, I shall deliver him the revised draft immediately thereafter.