839.154/96: Telegram

The Chargé in the Dominican Republic (Lawton) to the Secretary of State

233. Department’s 164, June 4, 8 p.m.2 The Foreign Minister3 has just informed me that his Government is deeply interested in project and will gladly cooperate in making survey. The Dominican Government would like to have some of its engineers accompany the American engineers who make the survey and would like copies of the survey report upon completion. In case the result of the survey is favorable the Dominican Government would wish to be consulted beforehand regarding improvement work and also at appropriate time regarding details of supply route.

In discussing this with Despradel I considered it opportune to emphasize great advantages which the overland route would have for the Dominican Republic especially in view of shipping shortage. I feel that the prompt carrying out of this project would be extremely beneficial to our relations with the Dominican Republic in view of the increasing economic depression observable here and the prevailing feeling that the United States has not done very much to relieve the situation.

  1. See footnote 1, p. 269.
  2. Arturo Despradel.