831.24/75: Telegram

The Ambassador in Venezuela (Corrigan) to the Secretary of State

301. The Foreign Minister14 has just requested me to urge the most prompt action in supplying the following listed material to be used for defense of the oil fields15 already requested through the Venezuelan Embassy Washington: 4 sets of anti-aircraft machine guns caliber 0.50 including 16 pieces; 4 anti-aircraft batteries 37 millimeters including 16 pieces; 2,000 shells for each 37 millimeters cannon; 20,000 cartridges for each 0.50 machine gun. In order to expedite rapid delivery of this material it was requested that it be sent from one of our bases in the Caribbean. I urge prompt action.

  1. C. Parra Pérez.
  2. For correspondence regarding the concern of the United States over the defense of the oil fields in Venezuela, see pp. 607 ff.