833.6463/56: Telegram

The Chargé in Uruguay (Chapin) to the Secretary of State

256. Department’s No. 97, May 27 [24], 7 p.m. The Minister of Foreign Affairs has just informed me that as a result of a recent Cabinet decision as to the Rio Negro, administration was sending Director General Luis Giorgi to the United States and that he will take the specifications for machinery desired together with copies of the contracts, agreements, et cetera. Giorgi expects to depart July 2 by plane to Washington to be followed by an assistant, Juan Rezzano.

When I pointed out that my Government had indicated that it will not be inclined to assist in the Project until German influence had been eliminated, he said that he understood the situation and had made it clear in the Cabinet meeting. He intimated that the Rione administration was unable or unwilling to understand our views and that he had therefore washed his hands of the matter allowing the representative of the Rione administration to proceed to the United States to learn what Guani tried to make clear to him here.