The Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Guani ) to the American Chargé in Uruguay ( Chapin )64


Mr. Chargé d’affaires: In view of the impossibility, on account of the blockade, of bringing from Germany turbines, generators and other elements necessary for the hydroelectric plant on the Rio Negro, as you are no doubt aware, the Government is attempting to find a solution to this serious difficulty which seriously prejudices the national economy and the industrial development of the country.

Accordingly, negotiations are now taking place in the United States for the urgent manufacture of the essential machinery for the installation. Difficulties have been encountered recently because of the defense program and the restrictions imposed by your Government for the free supply of raw materials, particularly metal.

For these reasons, the Chancellery expresses to the Chargé d’affaires its hope that your Government, convinced of the vital importance of the above mentioned installation, will lend its good offices with respect to the United States firms for a priority manufacture of the said machinery and making available to this end metals to the total of 8,500 tons as soon as possible.

I reiterate [etc.]

A. Guani
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Chargé in Uruguay in his despatch No. 939, infra.