611.3331/419: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

444. Not realizing our policy and practice in such matters, many Uruguayan exporters and officials believe that when the trade agreement with Argentina takes effect on November 15 Argentine products will enjoy preferential treatment making it impossible for similar Uruguayan products to compete. Guani has taken the matter up with me and I have of course explained the true situation to him. He requests that I address him a note in order that the Foreign Office may release a reassuring statement.

Accordingly I request the Department’s authorization to address to the Foreign Office a note in which, after quoting section 350 (a) of the Tariff Act of 1930 as amended,38 I would state

“I am authorized by my Government to advise Your Excellency that, pursuant to the foregoing provisions, upon the taking effect of the trade agreement recently signed between the United States and Argentina, the concessions granted to Argentine products by the United States will be extended to the similar products of Uruguay and will be applied to such products provided the Uruguayan Government does not discriminate in any way against the commerce of the United States.”

  1. 54 Stat. 107.