611.3331/391: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Uruguay (Chapin)

124. Your nos. 183, May 12, noon and 236, June 13, 4 p.m. You should inform the appropriate Uruguayan authorities that

canned mutton is included under the nomenclature of paragraph 706 of the Uruguayan list published on May 13, 1941;32
as regards the other products mentioned in your reference telegram, irrespective of other reasons for not listing them for consideration, the issuance of a supplemental list at this late date would necessitate another period for filing briefs and another public hearing; this would delay the definitive negotiations to an extent which presumably would make it impossible to conclude a trade agreement with Uruguay simultaneously with that contemplated with Argentina, which we hope to do and which we assume is also the desire of the Uruguayan Government.

Therefore, we earnestly hope that the Uruguayan Government will be disposed to proceed with the negotiations on the basis of the list published on May 13 (enclosed with Department’s instruction no. 287, May 17, 194133).

  1. Department of State Bulletin, May 17, 1941, pp. 581–583.
  2. Not printed.