810.20 Defense/1015: Telegram

The Chargé in Uruguay ( Chapin ) to the Secretary of State

281. The Minister of Foreign Affairs advises me that the Uruguayan Aviation Purchasing Commission now in the United States has been informed by the American companies that they are prepared to supply aviation material urgently needed here but that the mission and the Ministry of National Defense do not have information as to the means of obtaining credits under the proposed Export-Import Bank loan for the purchase of this material.

I have given a résumé of the essential portions of the Department’s circular telegram of May 20, 10 p.m.,8 to Guani since it appears that he does not have this information, but without calling attention to the possibility of obtaining supplies under the Lend-Lease Act,9 and have suggested that the Uruguayan Government may wish to instruct its Minister in Washington to take up with the Department directly the method of payment for the material which the Purchasing Commission intends to acquire.

  1. Vol. vi, p. 137.
  2. Approved March 11, 1941; 55 Stat. 31.