834.51/346: Telegram

The Minister in Paraguay ( Frost ) to the Secretary of State

93. Morning press publishes a guarded report that Concepción port works are about to be undertaken thanks to engineer Robert K. West. Mr. West’s connection with the Export-Import Bank or the United States Government is not mentioned. Also Municipal Intendente tells me Aguilera25 has informed him Asunción water system is about to be provided. There are numerous other rumors here of economic aid from the United States Government.

Respectfully request this Legation be furnished early information as nothing whatever on economic cooperation has been received by the Legation since I left Washington. I also would much appreciate the Legation be permitted to make announcements or the Paraguayan Government representatives definitely [be] informed the Legation is in good part responsible for such assistance as Paraguay is to receive.

  1. Lt. Col. Andres Aguilera, military representative of Paraguay to the United States.