834.24/88: Telegram

The Minister in Paraguay ( Frost ) to the Secretary of State

155. For Under Secretary. Foreign Minister after Cabinet conference formally requests views of American Government as to publication of arms contract. His Government would be glad to publish entire text, and believes this would create favorable impression here. If this is not desired by American Government he suggests partial publication and requests information as to which clauses should be omitted. If the publication of a résumé is preferred he desires an indication as to its terms. A telegraphic reply would be appreciated by Paraguayan Government.11

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Thus far, there has been no publication even of the news of the signature, although the latter has become known from American radio broadcasts. Argaña has met inquiries from newspapermen by stating that the matter is “reservado”.

Argaña definitely feels that full publication is desirable, and as he is in a position to judge its effects I am inclined to accept his view.

  1. Instruction No. 80, October 27, 1941, to the Minister in Paraguay stated that the agreement should not be made public (834.24/105a).