711F.1914/338: Telegram

The Ambassador in Panama (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

209. The Minister of Foreign Relations asked me to call this morning. He said that the Panamanian Cabinet had considered yesterday our reply of July 8 to the Panamanian 12 points and found it in general satisfactory. He said that he thought it would have a helpful effect on public opinion here to publish an unofficial summary of our reply with explanatory comment and he proposed to give such a story to the Government newspaper for publication this afternoon, I requested that as a matter of courtesy he permit me to consult with you and see if you had any objection. After considerable argument he agreed to this, requesting as early a reply as possible so that publication can take place tomorrow.41

I will try to telephone the Department this afternoon but in case I am unable to get through please cable reply immediately.

  1. Notation on margin: “Reply to Amb. Wilson by telephone—not desirable to publish anything. 8/2/41.”