412.11 Oil/27

The President of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (Farish) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: I have for acknowledgment your letter of December 6 and the enclosures therewith relating to the Department’s plan for the appraisal and payment of compensation for the properties, rights and interests of American nationals in the Mexican petroleum industry affected by the Mexican decree of expropriation dated March 18, 1938, and by other acts of the Mexican Government. We have learned more recently through press reports of your further action in this matter, namely, the appointment of Mr. Morris Llewellyn Cooke as the United States expert designated in accordance with the agreement signed by you and the Mexican Ambassador on November 19.

In compliance with your request, this company will cooperate with the Department of State and with the American expert in the submission of data and appropriate arguments to assist Mr. Cooke in the performance of his duties.

Since the principles involved in the Mexican problem vitally affect the security of all investments abroad, we are hopeful that you will instruct the American expert to adhere to the established principles of international law so clearly set forth by your Department as applicable to this controversy.

Very respectfully yours,

W. S. Farish