The Department of State to the Mexican Embassy


Reference is made to the memorandum of the Ambassador of Mexico of October 7, 1941 regarding a cooperative program embracing the immediate expansion of production in Mexico of certain strategic and critical materials and products needed in the defense program of the United States and a longer run development of the natural resources and industry of Mexico. The memorandum suggests that such cooperation could be furthered by the appointment by the Government of the United States of a liaison officer to work closely with the Mexican authorities in planning and carrying out the program.

The Government of the United States has given careful consideration to this matter and believes that the cooperation suggested offers a most promising opportunity for important and constructive action of benefit to both the United States and Mexico. It is prepared, accordingly, to make available every facility at its disposal for the careful examination of the various individual projects which would be included in a broad program of the sort described in the Ambassador’s memorandum. It proposes, therefore, to appoint a well-qualified and experienced representative, to be assisted where necessary [Page 400] and desirable by appropriate technical experts, to proceed to Mexico to carry out this work in cooperation with the Mexican authorities.

It is suggested that the most efficient results might be obtained by the appointment by the Government of Mexico of a representative to work directly with the representative of the Government of the United States and to furnish direct liaison with the appropriate Mexican agencies.