838.51/4142: Telegram

The Chargé in Haiti (Sparks) to the Secretary of State

17. Referring to my telephone conversation with Mr. Finley, Minister Lescot has been ill and I was unable to talk with him before this afternoon.

With regard to the negotiations with the Foreign Bondholders Protective Council he apparently reached no understanding and was awaiting its reply. In fact he did not communicate to the Council the rejection by the Haitian Government of its offer of postponement of 1½ per cent of the interest limiting his action to informing the Department of State.

While I made clear yesterday to President Vincent and the Foreign Minister the position and attitude of the Department as set forth in its telegram 24, January 28, I reiterated it this afternoon to the Minister for Foreign Affairs. He understands it clearly, he is impressed with the urgency and in my presence he authorized the Fiscal Representative to take over the negotiations. The latter was unable to telephone Mr. White this evening but he has arranged to do so tomorrow morning.