740.00111A Neutrality Patrol/158b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Ecuador (Long)

240. The Navy Department has informed the Department that it considers it essential to increase its patrol activities owing to the presence of raiders in the Pacific. It desires, therefore, to ascertain if the Government of Ecuador would consent to grant blanket permission for ships of the United States Navy engaged in patrol duties to use the ports of the Galápagos Islands and Guayaquil in order to obtain fuel and supplies. In addition, the Navy Department would also desire to send tankers and tenders into these ports. The naval vessels would obtain fuel and supplies from these tankers and tenders when not obtainable through local purchase. Should such permission be accorded, instructions would, of course, be issued to the commanding officers of the vessels concerned to inform the Consulate at Guayaquil as far in advance as practicable in order that the latter may notify the appropriate Ecuadoran officials.

In order to enable the Department to determine whether to present a formal request, you will please, provided you perceive no objection, consult discreetly and informally the appropriate authorities of the Government to which you are accredited in order to obtain an expression of their opinion. The Department would also appreciate a statement of your own views on this subject. Although, in the plan outlined above, the present practice of informing the Foreign Office of naval visits via the Legation would be abandoned, the Department is confident that the Ecuadoran Government will fully realize the importance of these patrol activities in the interest of hemisphere defense.