Supplementary Lend-Lease Agreement Between the United States and the Dominican Republic, Signed at Washington, August 6, 1941

Whereas the United States of America and the Dominican Republic are desirous of concluding an Agreement supplementary to the Agreement between the two Governments signed at Washington August 2, 1941,4 for the purpose of stating the terms and conditions on which certain additional materials which the Dominican Republic wishes to obtain from the United States of America shall be procured and supplied;

And whereas the making of such a supplementary Agreement has been in all respects duly authorized, and all acts, conditions and formalities which it may have been necessary to perform, fulfil or execute prior to the making of such an Agreement in conformity with the laws either of the United States of America or of the Dominican Republic have been performed, fulfilled or executed as required;

The undersigned, being duly authorized for that purpose, have agreed as follows:

Article I

The Dominican Republic will pay in advance for all articles and commodities, in addition to the defense articles and defense information provided for in the Agreement between the two Governments signed August 2, 1941, which shall be procured and supplied in accordance with this Agreement. The United States of America, however, reserves the right at any time to suspend, defer, or stop deliveries whenever in the opinion of the President of the United States of America further deliveries are not consistent with the needs of the defense of the United States of America or the Western Hemisphere.

Records shall be kept of all such articles and commodities agreed to be procured and of all deliveries, and of any other pertinent information; and not less than every ninety days these records shall be exchanged, reviewed, and verified.

Article II

The Dominican Republic will submit to the Department of State of the United States of America for the approval of the President of the United States of America a complete list of all the persons to whom the title, possession, or use of such articles or commodities is [Page 257] to be transferred and undertakes that it will not, without the prior consent of the President of the United States of America, transfer title to or possession of any such article or commodity or any part thereof or permit its use by anyone not the recipient designated on such list so approved.

Article III

If, as a result of the sale to the Dominican Republic of any articles or commodities in accordance with this Agreement, it is necessary for the Dominican Republic to take any action or make any payment in order fully to protect any of the rights of any citizen of the United States of America who has patent rights in and to any such article or commodity, the Dominican Republic will do so, when so requested by the President of the United States of America.

Article IV

This Agreement shall continue in force from the date on which it is signed until a date agreed upon between the two Governments.

Signed and sealed in duplicate, in the English and Spanish languages, at Washington this sixth day of August 1941.

For the United States of America:
Sumner Welles

Under Secretary of State of the United States of America
For the Dominican Republic:
A. Pastoriza

Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the Dominican Republic at Washington
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