The Cuban Minister of State (Cortina) to the American Ambassador in Cuba (Messersmith)63



1.—With regard to the good disposition of the Government of the United States to cooperate with the Government of Cuba in the establishment [Page 147] of a central bank of rediscount, with its associate banks for agricultural and industrial development, the Government of Cuba accepts with pleasure the promises of cooperation that have been made to it, and in this connection proposes to submit to the consideration of the technicians of the Government of the United States, at an early date, a project of banking legislation and of financing for this bank, to the end that in said project there may be found bases of an understanding between both Governments with the object of giving to that institution the firmness and strength necessary for its very important economic purposes.

J. M. Cortina
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Ambassador in his despatch No. 1910, April 20; received April 22.