862.85/2126: Telegram

The Chargé in Costa Rica ( Dwyre ) to the Secretary of State

139. Referring to Department’s telegram No. 98, June 7, 7 p.m., immediately after my conversation with Mr. Bonsal I visited the Foreign Minister and handed him the text of the Department’s statement as read to me by Mr. Bonsal and confirmed in the second paragraph of the telegram cited above.

Minister Echandi seemed satisfied but after discussing the matter with him he did not fully express his reaction. At that time I requested another interview with him today, after which I am pleased to advise the Department that the Minister for Foreign Affairs expressed himself as entirely satisfied and appreciative of the Department’s cooperation which has removed entirely the possibility of his resignation.

He stated his intention of calling this evening on the German and Italian diplomatic representatives here and informing them that the procedure followed does not violate his promise to them, and that he will answer the German Minister’s note of protest in a manner to terminate the incident.

The Foreign Minister also stated his intention of informing the Axis diplomats that so far as Costa Rica is concerned, the Italian and German Governments will have to embark the seamen from San Francisco within a reasonable length of time to be determined—not yet decided but thought to be about 30 days—after which Costa Rica’s responsibility in their welfare will cease.

He stated that he expects the publication of the text of my note containing the Department’s declaration in tomorrow’s San José newspapers.