862.85/2059: Telegram

The Chargé in Costa Rica ( Dwyre ) to the Secretary of State

101. The substance of the Department’s telegram No. 73 of May 16, 11 a.m. has been orally discussed with the Foreign Minister and at his request placed in a note which has now been delivered to him. He informs me that he will this afternoon reply in writing setting forth his understanding of the arrangement, the status of the seamen during their presence in the Canal Zone and their privilege to embark on the first available Japanese steamer. Upon receipt of his written understanding it will be communicated immediately to the Department for its comment and further instructions.

The Foreign Minister will this afternoon endeavor to obtain the approval of the German and Italian diplomatic representatives in order that the expenses involved may be covered by those Governments. In case of failure to obtain their approval, the Minister states the plan will have to be carried out at the expense of the Costa Rican Government.