740.0011 Pacific War/967: Telegram

The Minister in Costa Rica (Lane) to the Secretary of State

390. The President has just informed me that he is only awaiting official word from me that a state of war exists between the United States and Germany and Italy to issue a decree declaring war against Italy and Germany.43 He said he will also take steps similar to those outlined in the Department’s circular telegram of the 10th.44

I would appreciate receiving Department’s suggestion as to whether German and Italian diplomatic representatives should leave Costa Rica via the Canal Zone or otherwise. President said he would be guided by our views.

  1. President Rafael Calderón Guardia of Costa Rica on December 11, 1941, signed the decree declaring a state of war between Costa Rica and Germany and Italy.
  2. Not printed; this telegram outlined steps which had been taken to control alien enemies in the United States (740.00115 European War/1617a).