740.0011 Pacific War/685: Telegram

The Minister in Costa Rica (Lane) to the Secretary of State

369. The Minister for Foreign Affairs convoked the Diplomatic Corps at 9 p.m. today with the exception of the Italian Minister and German Chargé d’Affaires who were advised at their homes regarding the purpose of the meeting. Minister Echandi informed the Corps that an extraordinary session of Congress has been called for 7 a.m. tomorrow at which the Government will propose that a state of war be declared against Japan and against any other non-American power which may commit an act of aggression against the continent. Congress also will be requested to give permission for military or naval forces of the United States to enter Costa Rican territory for any purpose whatever connected with the defense of the continent. Congress will likewise be requested in accordance with article 73 of the Constitution to declare a state of emergency giving the Government extraordinary powers. Echandi said that other Central American Governments and Panamanian Government are being consulted with a view to reaching complete solidarity. Echandi said that steps taken indicate Government desire to give all possible assistance to the United States at this critical moment.