740.0011 Pacific War/862: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina ( Armour )

1049. Your 1411 and 1412, December 9, 10 p.m.13 The following message is being sent directly to Acting President Castillo by President Roosevelt:

“Your Excellency’s friendly and cooperative message was profoundly appreciated by the Government of the United States, and I am sure that the sincere good wishes of the great nation of Argentina will be particularly encouraging to the American people in this hour when they have been subjected to treacherous aggression. As Your Excellency so well states, this unprovoked attack from a non-American nation must affect all of America as a whole. The solidarity of the nations of this hemisphere is, however, an invincible bulwark for the unstinting war effort of the United States, and of those sister Republics which are now at war. Your Excellency may be sure that the Government of the United States is deeply grateful for such practical cooperative measures already taken by Your Excellency’s Government in accordance with the terms of the existing agreements between the American Republics.”

  1. Latter not printed.