825.24/211 ²⁄₄

The Chilean Embassy to the Department of State



—To define the scope of Art. IV, that is, the meaning of the obligation imposed upon Chile to make available defense articles and defense information. If the term “defense articles” includes such strategic products as copper, nitrate and iron, it will be desirable to establish the conditions under which such products would be made available.
—Art. V would be satisfactory to the Government of Chile if references to consent by the Presidents of the United States and Chile were eliminated, leaving only the solemn promise by both contracting parties not to transfer title to or possession of any defense article or defense information or permit its use by persons not connected with the respective Governments.
—With reference to Art. VI, we desire to know exactly the obligation which Chile would assume toward any citizen of the United States who has patent rights in any defense article, as well as the scope and meaning which the agreement gives to the obligation to “take any [Page 576] action or make any payment” to protect the patent rights of American citizens when so requested by the President of the United States.
—We desire to obtain, as soon as possible, approval on the part of the Government of the United States of some sale formula which will eliminate the idea that a donation is made.