Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. John O. Bell of the Division of International Communications

Participants: Messrs. H. J. Roig, Mumper (of Defense Supplies Corporation), Satterthwaite, Latchford and Bell.

A discussion was held by these persons concerning the information conveyed to the Department in a telegram no. 472 of September 25 from Santiago.

It was agreed that the institution of additional services by Panagra was commercially feasible as well as necessary to carry forward the program for the elimination of Condor. Mr. Roig indicated that the pilot situation had eased somewhat and that he felt some confidence that planes could be obtained. Mr. Mumper indicated that if it was absolutely necessary, DSC would help out with a DC–3 although he would prefer not to do so if any other course was open. If DSC is to furnish a plane, it cannot do so before January 1.

Mr. Roig is to advise the Department by telephone when Panagra would be prepared to institute additional services. It was made clear that the matter of timing in this program was of the essence and that consultation between Panagra and the Department would be necessary.

The letter attached36 is for the purpose of keeping the record clear and obtaining from Mr. Roig a definite commitment on behalf of Panagra.

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