Memorandum by Mr. Stephen Latchford of the Division of International Communications to the Chief of the Division (Burke)

Mr. Burke: In reply to your inquiry I may say that when the Panagra representatives were in the Department recently Mr. Harris stated that because of the danger of expansion of German aviation in Chile Panagra had, of its own accord, put on an additional frequency between Arica and Santiago and will take its chances in getting adequate remuneration from the Post Office Department.

A day or two ago Mr. Gates31 orally confirmed the information in regard to the establishment of additional frequency by Panagra. In the circumstances it will not be necessary for you to telephone the Postmaster General as suggested in the attached RA memorandum.32

  1. Samuel Gates of the Civil Aeronautics Authority.
  2. Supra. In response to this communication Mr. Burke indicated in a marginal note: “This should be brought orally to the attention of the Post Office—informally—and ‘sold’ to that Dept as being a highly desirable development.” To this suggestion Mr. Latchford added a note: “April 16, 1941. In the absence of Mr. Samuel, Director of International Mails [of the Post Office Department] I discussed this matter today with Mr. Grayson, who is familiar with the subject, and informed him of the great importance which the Dept of State attaches to this new service. He said the P. O. Dept had granted Panagra a very substantial increase in mail pay for the new service, and that so far as he can judge the Company is fully satisfied.”