832.24/369: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil ( Caffery ) to the Secretary of State

466. Referring to my telegram No. 460, May 13, 3 p.m. and my telephone conversation this afternoon with the Under Secretary, I have this evening exchanged notes with the Minister for Foreign Affairs effecting the agreement covered by my telegram referred to above adhering to the text quoted in that telegram.

At the same time I gave him a covering letter of which the text follows and received a letter from him acknowledging mine and repeating the same safeguarding statement.

“I take pleasure in transmitting to you herewith my note No. 765 expressing my Government’s agreement to the terms of your similar note regarding a program for facilitating the acquisition of Brazilian exports of certain kinds of strategic materials and the shipment to Brazil from the United States of certain materials needed by Brazilian industry.

In transmitting this note No. 765 I wish to state clearly the understanding of its paragraph No. 2 upon which agreement was reached in the oral discussions of it by Your Excellency, the Minister of Finance, Mr. Warren Lee Pierson, and myself. Stated briefly this understanding is that paragraph No. 2 means that shipments of the kind specified therein will be facilitated insofar as may be consistent with the national defense program of the United States. It is upon this understanding of paragraph No. 2 that my note No. 765 is based.”