811.20 (D) Regulations/2517: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery)

351. Your No. 539, May 27, 4 p.m.87 The Department is awaiting authorization to issue general licenses for the exportation to Brazil of a fairly extensive list of articles and materials. It is anticipated that these general licenses can be issued within the next few days, and you will be notified immediately upon their issuance.

In the meantime, the Department is issuing licenses authorizing exports to Brazil as freely as the requirements of our national defense will permit. Applications have been dealt with in the most liberal possible spirit, particularly when these have been endorsed by the Brazilian Embassy with which the Department is cooperating closely in regard to this matter. Moreover, a number of unlimited licenses [Page 533] have been issued to American companies to facilitate the exportation of petroleum products to Brazil, and Brazil enjoys the advantages resulting from the issuance of general licenses authorizing the exportation of rubber tires, petrolatum and petroleum jelly, coconut oil, fatty acids, palm kernel oils, animal, fish and marine mammal oils, fats and grease, vegetable oils and fats, olive oil, cottonseed oil, nonproprietary and proprietary preparations containing quinine, cadmium pigments, chrome pigments, titanium pigments, and zinc pigments to all the other American republics.

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