832.796/326: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery)

237. Your 350, April 24, 6 p.m. The Department is delighted that you have been able to save the situation.

Before arranging for American pilots to be released to work for Vasp, the Department would appreciate your views concerning the possibility of the Brazilian Government’s permitting their serving as instructors during a brief training period on the distinct understanding that their presence in Brazil is for the purpose of familiarizing and training Brazilian pilots in the operation of the new equipment. It is presumed that the Brazilian Government has no objection to the temporary employment of American mechanics. In this connection this Government will be pleased to give advanced training in this country to Brazilian pilots.

It is believed that the services of Thomas Hardin58 can be obtained to assist you in connection with our program in Brazil. Do you consider this advisable?

The President now has on his desk for signature an authorization for funds to carry out all necessary phases of the degermanization program in Brazil and the other American republics.59

  1. An authority on airways operations, and an official of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation.
  2. Under Secretary Welles was informed on April 29 that the President had approved the allocation of $8,000,000 to the Federal Loan Agency for use in the removal of Axis influence in the air transportation systems of the other American Republics (810.796/172).