811.248/255: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil ( Caffery )

1475. From the Under Secretary. Your 2183, December 24, 1 P.M.37 The Navy Department has telegrams from naval observers in Northeast that indicate that Brazilian commanders there have not been apprised of the arrangements agreed upon with President Vargas through the Brazilian Ambassador38 here regarding the Marine “technician” detachments sent to Belém, Natal, and Recife.

The detachments were instructed, as soon as possible, to set up camps at the airports, of course using Brazilian barracks if available and offered, to keep their arms boxed until the camps had been established, and then to maintain arms unboxed but out of sight in quarters continually guarded.

The Naval Attaché39 has been instructed by the Navy Department here to consult with you with a view to clarifying the matter with the proper Brazilian authorities. In view of the importance of early clarification of the question it would be appreciated if you would handle personally.

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The President feels that President Vargas will fully understand and appreciate the vital importance to the security of the United States and to the safety of the Western Hemisphere that these and all other necessary measures of security be afforded for the passage of these planes. Please cable fully all developments. I believe that you will wish to speak immediately with President Vargas along these lines and urge the fullest cooperation. [Welles.]

  1. Not printed.
  2. Carlos Martins.
  3. Rear Adm. A. T. Beauregard.