810.20 Defense/403½

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Brazil ( Burdett )

No. 1044

Sir: You are requested to inform the Government of the United States of Brazil that the War Department has received a memorandum entitled “Bases for the Establishment of an Agreement of Cooperation between the United States of North America and Brazil”, handed to representatives of that Department by General Góes Monteiro, the Chief of Staff of the Army of Brazil, on October 29, 1940.2

The text of the proposed agreements contained in this memorandum has been carefully studied by the appropriate officials of the War Department in pursuance of which this Department has received a letter from the Secretary of War2a recommending that the Brazilian Government be informed that his Department considers them generally satisfactory as a basis for mutual cooperation between the Armies of Brazil and of the United States in Hemisphere Defense. The War Department, however, prior to recommending a definitive acceptance of these proposed agreements desires to obtain certain changes in the text. These modifications are set forth in the accompanying memorandum.3 They have received the approval of this Department.

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You will, therefore, please state to the Brazilian authorities that the War Department wishes to discuss these proposed changes by means of further staff conversations to be held preferably at Washington with such representative as the Brazilian Government may designate. It would appear in this connection that the presence in the United States of General Amaro Bittencourt4 may be considered to afford a suitable opportunity for such conversations.

The War Department also states that it would appreciate it if in addition to authorizing a continuation of the staff conversations with the Chief of the United States Military Mission in Brazil5 the Brazilian Government would designate a representative authorized to discuss the same matters with the representatives of that Department in Washington. The War Department will, of course, keep the Chief of the United States Military Mission in Brazil fully informed of the matters discussed and the action taken as a result of the staff conversations which take place here.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Sumner Welles
  1. This document provided that if any member of the Pan American Union were attacked by an extra-Continental nation, Brazil would aid by furnishing raw materials, extending the use of its naval and air bases in existence or in building, permit the transit of its territory by friendly powers, strengthen its military establishment by building more air and naval bases, improving its coast defenses, mobilizing its fighting force, and organizing its interior ways of communication and its war industries. For its part the United States was to undertake to guard the north and northeast coast, assist in Brazil’s acquisition of war materials, receive raw materials in payment for manufactured products, and provide technical aid to Brazilian engineers and workmen. Brazil reserved to itself a neutral status in conflicts limited to countries of North America, and those between powers of the Pan American Union. (810.20 Defense/4031)
  2. Letter dated December 3, 1940, from Secretary of War Stimson not printed.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Brazilian Military Attaché in the United States.
  5. Col. Lehman W. Miller.