811.20 Defense (M) Bolivia/7

The Bolivian Minister (Guachalla) to the Secretary of State

Excellency: I am pleased to inform Your Excellency of the signing of a contract for one year between Metals Reserve Company and the Banco Minero and Mauricio Hochschild, S.A.M.I., dated October 2, 1941,1 covering all Bolivian lead ores and concentrates except as specified. I am informed that other agreements have been executed by Mauricio Hochschild, S.A.M.I., and the Metals Reserve Company covering the output of the Huanchaca mine of lead and zinc ores and concentrates.2 I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that my Government fully approves these contracts and guarantees the fulfillment of the provisions of the first named contract.

I have added my signature to the contract to which the Banco Minero is a party in accordance with special instructions received [Page 464] from that important institution in my country which in turn represents according to law Bolivian enterprises in their relations abroad.

My Government will effect the necessary control over exports by prohibiting the export of zinc and lead, in accordance with the authority granted to the Minister of Finance by the decree of the Constitutional President of the Republic promulgated July 31, 1941, except to the United States or to purchasers in the other American republics having parallel systems of export control.

Please accept [etc.]

Luis [Fernando] Guachalla
  1. English text not printed; for Spanish text, see Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Boletín Oficial, Septiembre–Diciembre 1941, número 8, pp. 69–76.
  2. These were embraced in two contracts dated October 2 and September 29; for the Spanish texts, see ibid., pp. 76–93.