811.20 Defense (M) Bolivia/4: Telegram

The Minister in Bolivia (Jenkins) to the Secretary of State

258. Department’s No. 169, September 17, 5 p.m. Supreme Decree providing for control of exports as described in my despatch No. 99497 was issued on July 31 and transmitted with my despatch No. 1018 of August 20.97

Anticipate no trouble with regard to exchange of notes regarding zinc and lead except that Banco Minero wishes to be free to export lead to Argentina. Presumably this will be covered by clause concerning American Republics having systems of export control satisfactory to the Government of the United States but I would appreciate confirmation.

Question of prohibition of the exportation of tin may be complicated by fact that small exports which have recently been made to Japan are understood to be of ores not acceptable to Metals Reserve Company under contract. Does the Department wish me to try for a complete prohibition or would it be satisfied with exception for such ores.

Request prompt reply to above points so that I may be in a position to discuss exchange of notes with Foreign Minister.

Altshuler is away from La Paz and will not return for about a week. I assume the Department will forward detailed instructions as to desired clauses and terms of proposed antimony contract.

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