824.796/84: Telegram

The Minister in Bolivia (Jenkins) to the Secretary of State

18. Department’s No. 13, February 18, 8 p.m. Memorandum asking whether Bolivian Government would agree in principle to consider plan for reorganization of L.A.B. was presented to Minister for Foreign Affairs6 on February 20. He expressed personal agreement and said he would take matter up at Cabinet meeting and give me definite reply. He did not mention proposed approach to the Department by the Bolivian Minister in Washington7 for assistance in reorganization of L.A.B. stated by Minister of Finance8 to have been decided upon as reported in my despatch 648, February 13.9 Carnival holidays and departure of Minister of Foreign Affairs from La Paz will probably delay answer for some time. Will report further after return of Minister for Foreign Affairs.

  1. Alberto Ostria Gutiérrez.
  2. Luis Fernando Guachalla.
  3. Joaquín Espada.
  4. Not printed.