811.20 Defense (M) Argentina/37: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Armour)

805. Reference your 1121 of October 11. The Department does not desire to regard the commitment which it proposes to take with respect to furnishing materials to Argentina as noncommittal or to rely upon the phrase “as far as possible” as in effect nullifying the obligations of this Government. On the contrary, the Department has made every effort in cases where overall agreements have been entered into with countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, and Peru to make available to the greatest extent practicable commodities of this country even though they be in short supply at the time. In short, the commitment which this Government is ready to undertake in favor of countries who cooperate with the United States in making their strategic materials available to us is substantial and real.

The Department is willing and intends to make such a commitment as a part of the overall agreement and is willing to agree to do so at this time. The Department accordingly suggests as an alternative to Torriani’s proposal that the tungsten contract contain an agreement on the part of this Government to enter into such a commitment as a part of the overall agreement. It is further suggested that there be substituted for the phrase “as far as possible” the phrase “to the greatest extent compatible with the national defense.”