835.796/147: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Armour)

487. Your 744, July 21, 3 p.m. The Department is informed that Lati has requested Standard Oil subsidiary33 in Buenos Aires to deliver there aviation fuel and oil against Lati stocks stored in Brazil in Standard tanks. Standard Oil agreed with the Department some months ago to control Lati (and Condor) stocks with a view to reducing them to and keeping them at not more than one month’s supply, in order that when the time is ripe we may dry up these carriers’ supplies.

Standard Oil is ready to refuse the present Lati request, but it has been observed that the Argentine Government may purchase aviation gasoline from Standard for delivery to Lati.

The Department is informing the Standard Oil that it expects from the company the continuation of the latter’s cooperation in this respect, and you are requested to discuss the matter with the manager of Standard Oil in Buenos Aires with a view to assisting him in every proper way in pursuing this policy. You are also requested to inform Ultramar34 of this policy and to request its full cooperation.

The Embassy at Rio de Janeiro is being informed.

  1. International Aviation Associates, known as Intava.
  2. Ultramar Oil Company.