740.00112A European War 1939/5651

Memorandum by the Acting Chief of the Division of World Trade Intelligence (Dickey)

Re: Extension of Proclaimed List to Europe

Telegraphic replies have now been received from our missions in Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Turkey to the Department’s circular of December 15, 194154 advising these missions that the Department proposed immediately to extend our list to these countries on the basis of the British Statutory List. All of the above missions except Sweden agree with or raise no objection to the proposed action.

The Legation at Stockholm in telegram no. 851, December 16, 1941,55 merely refers the Department to its previous telegram no. 822, December 11.55 The views set forth in this telegram were previously summarized for you in the appended memorandum of December 12, 1941,56 on the basis of which the proposed action was approved despite this Legation’s preference for not extending our list to Sweden.

The Legation at Bern replied in telegram no. 366, December 18,55 that after consultation with Consul General Stewart they concurred with proposal to extend list “if it is also extended to all other countries named”, i.e. the other four European neutrals. Legation assumed Minister Harrison consulted; Mr. Acheson has done so.

The Embassy at Madrid in telegram 1078 of December 1955 sees no objection to proceeding as proposed and gives names of certain pending deletions which will be reflected in our list after consultation with British Embassy here which is checking with London.

Our mission in Portugal replied in telegram no. 742 of December 1755 that it was in accord with Department’s proposal to extend list immediately to Portugal.

The Embassy at Ankara in telegram no. 497 of December 1855 stated it perceived no objection to extending list to include enemy firms in Turkey, but thought it inadvisable to include Turkish firms. The Embassy stated inclusion of Turkish firms on British list caused resentment in Turkey and eventually resulted in arrangement whereby “most of the Turkish firms were deleted” from British list in return for Turkish Government giving certain undertakings. Our list will, [Page 322] of course, reflect all the deletions already made or proposed to be made by the British, but beyond this it would not be feasible for us presently to single out Turkish firms for deletion and it is assumed that our mission recognizes this and the advisability of our lists being parallel.

WT is now completing the work of preparing the revised British list for publication in the Proclaimed List for these countries and their possessions. It is assumed that the foregoing replies have not altered the decision to go ahead with the publication as soon as possible. A consolidated Proclaimed List covering the original list of July 17, 194157 and the six supplements to date will be published within two weeks and it is proposed to include the European listings in this consolidation. Unless WT is instructed to the contrary the proof will go to the printer during the week of December 29th.

John S. Dickey
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