The Chilean Minister for Foreign Affairs (Rossetti) to the American Ambassador in Chile (Bowers)12

No. I 4–0–1–2 a.–08050

Mr. Ambassador: I have the honor to bring to Your Excellency’s attention the text of a proposed joint inter-American Declaration on the Humanization of War which this Chancery has sent last night to its representatives abroad to the end that it may be submitted for the consideration and approval of Your Excellency’s Government:

“The Governments of the American Republics, in the view of the recent deeds perpetrated during the present war, contrary to the spirit of the conventions on Humanization of War which include the abolition of reprisals on the persons of hostages, judge it necessary to insist that these diplomatic instruments, universal or American, are incorporated in their codes of international conduct and, therefore, that they desire to see them fulfilled and respected by all the nations of the globe.

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Consequently they declare that, besides being a question of a juridical nature, it is of high ethical significance, and express their firm conviction that the useless suffering imposed on the combatants and the civil population cannot be justified in any way whatsoever.

The Governments of the American Republics reaffirm their faith in the principles of the Rights of Man, in international treaties and in progress of culture; condemn all unnecessary violence, and restrict the action of the belligerents to the moral standards established by the collective sentiment of the people.”

The favorable reception of Your Excellency’s Government to the Chilean suggestion leads me to hope that the terms of the declaration quoted above will be accepted.

On requesting Your Excellency’s good offices in securing as prompt a reply as possible from Your Government, I avail myself [etc.]

Juan B. Rossetti
  1. Transmitted to the Department by the Ambassador in his despatch No. 2159, November 29, 1941; received December 8. The Chilean Embassy also sent a copy of this note to the Department on November 26.