740.00112A European War, 1939/4476: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to All Diplomatic Missions in the American Republics

Supplement No. 5 to Proclaimed List will be issued Wednesday or Thursday, December 10 or 11. This Supplement will contain only additions of Japanese firms or individuals. A few non-Japanese firms or individuals are included because of important Japanese connections where recommended by mission. This ‘supplement has been prepared with utmost urgency and cases are therefore not being referred to missions for approval. Japanese nationality as previously reported by missions or as it appears from other sources here used as basis for inclusion on list.45 Supplement No. 6 will also probably be confined to Japanese cases and will be issued within a week or ten days in order to pick up (1) additional Japanese cases from those replies to Department’s strictly confidential circular telegram of October 3144 which have not been received as yet from certain missions, and (2) any additional Japanese cases available from other [Page 315] sources here. It is probable that there will be certain errors and inaccuracies in these Japanese supplements but these cases can be corrected after missions’ review of supplements and need for immediate action outweighs advantages of prior checking. Please telegraph immediately any further Japanese cases for Supplement No. 6 which have not been previously reported.

  1. In a note of December 17, 1941, to Assistant Secretary of State Acheson, British Minister Hall stated that inclusion of Japanese firms or individuals in the British list was on the basis of residence, not nationality (740.00112A European War, 1939/5185).
  2. Not printed.