740.00112A European War 1939/2776a

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Officers

Extension of Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked Nationals to Countries Outside the Other American Republics

Sirs: With reference to the Department’s Circular telegraphic instruction of July 24, 1941,25 sent to all Foreign Service establishments in non-belligerent or Axis-unoccupied countries outside of the Western Hemisphere, and to telegraphic instruction of October 7, 194125 to certain Missions, concerning reports desired on Axis or Axis-affiliated business concerns and individuals, there are transmitted herewith copies of the Department’s circular instructions of August 28, 1941,26 and September 20, 194127 addressed to American Diplomatic and Consular Officers in the American Republics, file no. 740.00112A European War 1939/966A, and file No. 740.00112A European War, 1939/1700A concerning procedures and policies on maintenance of and application of the Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked Nationals.

As indicated by the instruction of August 28, 1941 the Proclaimed List thus far has been restricted to concerns identified with pro-Axis activities in the other American republics. The Department is now considering the extension of the Proclaimed List to include business firms in certain other neutral, non-belligerent or Axis-unoccupied countries with a view to making the list as complete and effective as possible from a world-wide point of view. Policy considerations may make it inadvisable to extend the Proclaimed List to certain countries and consideration is being given to controlling trade and financial transactions in those areas by a confidential black list.

The present instruction is being sent to all field offices outside of the other American republics, with a view to providing them with background and reference material concerning the principles underlying and objectives of the Proclaimed List. It is recognized that many aspects of the problem in the other American republics as covered in the enclosed instructions will not be relevant to other areas.

The Department is desirous of receiving from the Missions in those countries outside of the Western Hemisphere to which the telegraphic instructions under reference have been sent the names and addresses of firms in the respective countries which, because of Axis nationality or affiliations, Axis ideological outlook, or pro-Axis activities, would [Page 300] be considered undesirable as trade or financial contacts for American business houses under existing conditions and which, therefore, should properly be included in the Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked Nationals or in a confidential black list. The lists of names of firms which the Missions receiving specific telegraphic instructions will submit should contain all available data for providing an accurate picture of the individual firm reported upon and should indicate the specific reasons for which inclusion of the firm in the Proclaimed List or in a confidential list is considered desirable in the protection of American interests and furtherance of this Government’s national defense policies.

In reporting names of firms recommended for the Proclaimed List, the Mission should make special mention of any serious adverse effects upon the national economy of the foreign country, or any serious political consequences, which might result from the inclusion of specific firms in the Proclaimed List.

It is not desired that reporting Missions delay submitting names of firms suitable for the Proclaimed List until complete lists of all known and suspected Axis-affiliated concerns in the country can be submitted in one report. Rather is it desired that names of firms be submitted in groups as soon as possible following completion of the requisite field investigations, the first group, relating to firms regarding which information is most readily available, being followed by subsequent contributions of groups of names from time to time, as circumstances may permit.

It is desired that the work of preparing lists of firms intended for the Proclaimed List be centralized in the Missions so far as possible, so that it can be coordinated upon a uniform basis of maximum efficiency for the entire country in question, the Missions calling upon consular offices in outlying cities for cooperation in reporting upon firms in their respective districts. It is also desired that reporting Missions and consular offices consult local British authorities so that the benefit of their views and information may be secured in connection with the consideration of specific firms.

The Department will be pleased to receive constructive observations of field officers assigned to the work of reporting upon pro-Axis firms concerning the desirability and utility of extending the Proclaimed List or a confidential black list to their territory, together with recommendations concerning most advantageous methods by which the work of reporting upon such undesirable firms might be most efficiently developed.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Dean Acheson
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