851.00/2435: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Bowers) to the Secretary of State

576. For the Secretary and Under Secretary. At 6:30 tonight Rossetti1 summoned the heads of missions of all the American nations and gave to each a formal note with the explanation, as I understood him, that he hoped for a joint declaration of all the American nations in protest against the execution of hostages in France—a joint declaration and not a joint protest to the German Government. The note which is long will go forward tomorrow by telegraph. The substance of the note may thus be summarized.

[Here follows a summation of the note the text of which is contained in telegram No. 577, November 5, 9 a.m., printed infra.]

He said personally he hopes the press of the United States will support this strongly.

In presenting the note Rossetti referred to a joint declaration but I fail to see this clearly in the actual note. Shall see him tomorrow afternoon and get this clarified. My colleagues of course are consulting their Governments.

The strong language used, the direct reference to executions, impresses me as a remarkably strong exposition of Chile’s position and certainly calculated to concentrate attention on the barbarism being practiced, to the general advantage of those opposing Hitlerism, it also bears out the impressions of the author of the note as I have transmitted them to you.

  1. Juan B. Rossetti, Chilean Minister for Foreign Affairs.