715.1715/1550: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Honduras (Erwin)

31. Telegram No. 151, June 20, 1 p.m., from the American Legation at San José refers to a note of June 13 from the Honduran Minister for Foreign Affairs to the Costa Rican Foreign Minister intimating that the Mediation Commission in the Honduras–Nicaragua boundary dispute has been a failure, that Honduras adheres only to the award of the King of Spain, and intends to take appropriate measures to defend its sovereignty. You are instructed to discuss this question with the Foreign Minister and to say that while it is to be regretted that the Boundary Commission has not as yet been able to facilitate a definitive solution of the boundary question the Department assumes that the Honduran note in question is intended solely to reaffirm the position of Honduras with regard to the award of the King of Spain and that no action is contemplated which would endanger a continuation of the efforts to bring about an amicable settlement.

For your information, no such note has been received by the Department. Please report by telegraph regarding your conversation on this subject.